Odontología Especializada
clínica odontológica
dontología especializada
diseño de sonrisa
Odontología Especializada Odontología Especializada
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Almost Any Way to Pay
You can pay with cash, credit cards and wire transactions from your PC
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Sales Promotion
In your Orthodontic treatment, you can start withount down payment. You will receive one oral higiene appointment for free. The orthodontic treatment will cost 24 payments of U$37 , one each month.
Orthodontics And Whitening
By bringing in one of our flyers spread around the city, or printing this page, you can afford a 10% discount in Orthodontic tratments and 20% off in Whitening procedures.
Invisible Orthodontics
In Orthodontic treatment, using ceramic braces, ODONTOSALUD80 offers 30% off whitening treatments or U$50 dólar bonus for dental treatments.
Payment facilities for highly complex cases
We offer comprehensive financing system for more complex cases such as extensive rehabilitation of edentulous space using conventional or implant-supported oral rehabilitation. We're a worthy alternative to oral health.