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Odontología Especializada Odontología Especializada
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We now offer a new dental office on the North- East side of the City.

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Special treatments

This treatment is harmless when done by an experienced profesional using the adecuate materials. It may increase sensitivity and produce discomfort in the first 24 hours. It is not recommended for patients under 18 .

It isn´t suitable for pregnant women or people with periodontic disease, or enamel alterations.
Whitening treatment will not change the color of pre-existing restorations either composites or ceramics.

Patients undergoing this treatment should not smoke or have dark beverages such as coffee ,red wine, or dark sodas.

The tratment Works with hidrogen peroxide activaded with led lights. It can be developed in one our in our office sor back home with nightguards.


This area in modern dentistry Works and treats diseases of the hard and soft tissues that surround and support your teeth in place. It also creates nice soft tissue around restorations when working on esthetics.

One of the most common alteration in oral health is gingivitis. Swollen gums that bleed and may produce halitosis or bad breath, appear due to por brushing and no flossing.. This kind of disease is reversible whet early detected.

When this initial state is not controlled, Periodontitis may appear. This disease, destoys the supporting bone around teeth and may cause their failure. Being painless, the patient may not notice it until its too late.

Thats why its so important to visit your dentist every six months.


Area of dentistry that restores esthetics and function after teeth are lost due to caries, periodontal disease or trauma.

We can restore a patients smile using removable or fixed dentures. Implants have become a very useful help in our daily work. Patients that have used for a long time a removable denture can now have fixed prothesis usinb dental implants.

In order to restore esthetics and function, any kind of restoratin must have correct shape, color and form, and must allow function and oral higiene easily.


The correct position of teeth in your mouth produces a beautiful smile and a very good occlusive function.

A good occlusion is the first step for having a healthy metabolism, biting your food appropiately starts digestion process.


The tratment of the tissues inside your teeth that produce pain when something is wrong, should only be managed by an endodontist.

This dentist Works on the most delicate and sensitive part of your teeth that becomes affected by cavities or trauma.