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New Office in Bogotá
We now offer a new dental office on the North- East side of the City.

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Oral Health Tips

In this section you will find tips for the care of their teeth. Hopefully this is a valuable reference material for your adequate oral health and that of your family.

Are you afraid of visiting your dentist?
Signs of care in Periodontal Disease
Taking care of your teeth

Are you afraid of visiting your dentist?

Despite the modern techniques, most patients still are afraid of going to their dentist.

Most of this fear is due to lack of information, bad experiences from other people or own experiences.

We can only suggest our patients to trust in our skills, understand that everything done in your mouth has at least 10 years of research before being done, and we always use the best material son the market. The best way to minimize or control this normal fear is to understand its better to visit your dentist at least twice a year. That way, there is not much to be done.

Anesthesic techniques used today, make almost any procedure absolutely  painless. In order to keep your dental health, dont wait to feel pain in any tooth. Watch yor teeth in the mirror and if you see or feel anything strange, just make an appointment with your dentist.

In odontosalud80, you will find kind dentists with very good skills and experience who are trained to make you feel in a safe place.

If you decide to have an appointment with us anytime, you can make us know through internet or calling any of our phone numbers. We will be very glad to receive your visit in any of our 2 offices in Bogotá.

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Signs of care in Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease attacks the soft and hard tissues that support your teeth.

When you take your food, small particles stick on the surface of your teeth becoming a film. This film is called bacterial plaque. A bacteria in this film is responsable for perodontal disease.
When this plaque becomes harder, due to time and saliva, it becomes calculus, a mineralized form of plaque.

There are 4 signs for detecting periodontal disease:

1. Gingival swelling
2. Gingival bleeding
3. Bad breath
4. Gingival retraction

If  anyone at home has any of this signs, its  time for an appointment with the periodontologist,who will treat this disease and will teach you how to keep your mouth clean and healthy.

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Taking care of your teeth

Oral higiene is of great importance when trying to reduce the risk of loosing teeth as you grow older. In order to avoid loosing teeth it is importanto to:

1. Assist to profesional cleaning appointments every 6 months at least.
2. Brush your teeth 3 times a day
3. Use of dental floss once a day
4. Try to reduce sweet and sticky food from your diet, they enhance acid production in your mouth, producing cavities.

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