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Odontología Especializada Odontología Especializada
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We now offer a new dental office on the North- East side of the City.

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Dental Clinical Cases
Clinical case: Implants

This is a 21 year old female, she lost her upper left canine in a car accident.

She didint want her adyacent teeth to be touched, or using removable dentures.we chose, for this case, beig a young, healthy patient, with no sistemic compromise and a very good site of bone, the use of dental implants.

This particular case was developed using nobel biocare easy abutment for better esthetical results.the surgery was made by the periodontologist, dr johana piñeros and the rehabilitation by dr roberto granados, who works with patients of car accidents since 1999 with almost all the insurance companies.

Clinical Case: Orthodontics 1

The patient has an anterior open bite. This produces pain during function.

The treatment takes about a year and restores function and esthetics.

Clinical Case: Orthodontics 2

A very common case in children between 12 and 16 years old.

Big teeth and a lack of space with orthospeed we correct this kind of maloclusions in 14 months.