Odontología Especializada
clínica odontológica
dontología especializada
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Odontología Especializada Odontología Especializada Odontología Especializada Odontología Especializada
clínica odontológica
New Office in Bogotá
We now offer a new dental office on the North- East side of the City.
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Teeth Whitening,Periodontics, Oral Rehabilitation - Prosthodontics, Orthodontics, Endodontics

Odontosalud80 is Specialized Dentistry
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Featured Article: Are you afraid of visiting your dentist?

Despite the modern techniques, most patients still are afraid of going to their dentist.

Most of this fear is due to lack of information, bad experiences from other people or own experiences.

We can only suggest our patients to trust in our skills, understand that everything done in your mouth has at least 10 years of research before being done, and we always use the best material son the market. The best way to minimize or control this normal fear is to understand its better to visit your dentist at least twice a year. That way, there is not much to be done.

Anesthesic techniques used today, make almost any procedure absolutely  painless. In order to keep your dental health, dont wait to feel pain in any tooth. Watch yor teeth in the mirror and if you see or feel anything strange, just make an appointment with your dentist...